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* 2023 MIT Reality Hack nominated *

My Role
VR Artist
Creative Technologist
Team Size
2 Days

ARcFest is a mixed reality platform that provides immersive experiences by combining real-world environments with virtual elements. t utilizes ESRI’s 3D building model database and Google’s Streetview data to instantly localize the user and create an interactive environment. The platform aims to bring people together to celebrate common interests, with a focus on community, interactivity, and immersion. The Quest Pro Christmas festival AR experience is a demonstration of ARcFest's capabilities, offering a unique way for people to celebrate Christmas together, regardless of their location. ARcFest has the potential to revolutionize event experiences and bring people together in new and exciting ways.

Working Process


To generate 3D models of nearby buildings for both occlusion and development purposes

Google Geospatial API

To localize user at runtime in any environment with Street View data

Occlusion Mesh

To make a more realistic envrionment combining real-world and virtual features.


The Oculus Quest Pro has improved the quality of its passthrough feature. It has changed from black and white to full color, providing a wider view compared to other mixed reality glasses and showcasing more potential for MR applications.

Next Steps

    · Create a backend database to host experience content and download the relevant data
Design front-end UI to find nearby experiences

    ·  AR wayfinding to the destination experience

    · Interview users and research what holidays, events, and festivals would best benefit the community

    · Incorporate greater accessibility into the app with text-to-audio and different interaction methods