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3D Aesthetics

3D aesthetics is a collection of my previous 3D works that created in Maya, including modeling, lighting, and rendered in Arnold.

The Hunting Ship

The Hunting ship is a steampunk style ship. The story happened in the parallel world after the Victorian period. As one of the Steampunk ships, my ship was once a magic hunting ship whose blood marks its glory. However, now it can only drift in the sky alone, because the crew had become skeletons, the sails had been damaged, and the ship had been rotten.


My inspiration comes from martial arts. The scene is set with a lonely swordsman who returns to the broken temple after performing his task in the morning. Like duckweed, he has no support or return. Want to reflect the bleak, cold and lonely of Wulin. The project is made of Maya.


Worship is a continuation work of Jianghu. When the killer puts down the butcher's knife, he chooses to join Buddhism to reflect on his life and find his inner quest.